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Magnet with Adhesive

MAGHOLD Plain & Adhesive Backed Flexible Magnet usually has two major applications. One is for laminating, and the other one is to build up the magnet base for the Receptive graphic display system. A magnet for laminating: If our direct printable flexible magnet is not compatible with your printer, just laminate your own printed media on MAGHOLD Plain & Adhesive Backed Flexible Magnet. You can also get a perfect magnetic graphic! The magnetic side of the flexible magnet is UV coated, which protects the material and the iron base from sticking and staining.

Available with standard adhesive and HiPro adhesive. The standard adhesive is good for mounting substrates. HiPro adhesive is good for setting up magnetic wall. Custom products available.

Install Instruction

a.  Flexible magnet with standard adhesive for mounting



1. Clean the relatively smooth backside of the printed foam board, cardboard or other material.
2. Laminate the Flexible Magnet with Standard Adhesive to the backside.
3. Apply the graphic with magnet backing to the iron surface. They will attract each other.

b. Flexible magnet with HiPro adhesive for wall or other rough surface —— Magnet-Receptive System A



1. Clean the wall.
2. Stick the Flexible magnet with HiPro adhesive to make a permanent magnetic base.
3. Apply the printed RECEPTIVE (iron vinyl) to the magnetic base. They will attract each other.
4. When you need to change the graphic, just change the RECEPTIVE only.


a. Mounting Graphics on the Flexible Magnet.


b. Graphics on the wall or other rough surface

Perfect wall paper. You can always change the theme quickly with the "Magnet-Receptive System"!


c. Graphics on curved surface

The flexibility of the magnet graphics works great on curved surfaces such as pillars and serpentine displays.

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