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It is easy and convenient to install and change, and everyone can handle it, which saves you a professional installing fee. The Receptive graphics are flexible and can be put into mail tubes. Comparing with traditional board material, it also lowers the cost of packing and delivery.

a. Work with our Flexible magnet with adhesive—— Magnet-Receptive System A


Installing instruction:
1. Clean the wall.
2. Stick the Flexible magnet with HiPro adhesive to the wall and make a permanent magnetic base.
3. Apply the printed RECEPTIVE (iron vinyl) to the magnetic base. They will attract each other.
4. When you need to change the graphic, just change the RECEPTIVE only.


Installing instruction:
1. Apply the Double side magnetized Flexible magnet to the iron surface. They will attract each other.
2. Apply the first layer RECEPTIVE (iron vinyl) to the magnet. They will attract each other.
3. When you need to change the graphic, just change the RECEPTIVE only.

b. Work with our Double side magnetized flexible magnet—— Magnet-Receptive System B


c. Work great on a curved surface such as pillars and serpentine displays.

d. Magnet-Receptive System A”——Make the Perfect wallpaper and ceiling graphics. You can always change the theme fast and conveniently!


e. Magnet-Receptive System B”——Perfect for POP displays, menu boards, posters and shop/booth/home graphics!

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